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Fixing a Door

Frame Materials

We will match your window frame to the style of your Home

Frame Materials

From the insulated glass to hardware, each component of a window is encapsulated within the frame. A well-crafted frame begins with high-grade materials that are transformed into windows through a strict quality control process. We select frame materials with purpose and stand behind every finished product to provide long-lasting performance.

Wood Window


Wood has always been praised for its beauty and natural insulating properties inside the home–but presented real challenges in terms of durability on the exterior.



Fiberglass frames are essentially composed of glass fibers and resin, materials that expand and contract very little with temperature changes in the weather.

Phoenix Vinyl Doors


Vinyl frames are made primarily from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This material has many advantages, including being virtually maintenance-free. Budget Window Pros uses vinyl produced in controlled environments to exacting standards.

Aluminum Windows


Light yet strong, aluminum windows can be configured into a wide variety of combinations. The narrowness of the frame places the focus on the glass and subsequently, the view it offers.

Let Us Help You Choose!

Our experts will visit your home and decide what’s works best for your walls. Whether you are replacing old windows or installing into a new home, we will make it easy and keep you on a budget!

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